This is my first entry for PROCJAM 2019.

It uses the most known PCG algorithms for map generation such as Binary Space Partitioning or Cellular Automata to lay out the rooms and corridors between them.  You can change only minimum and maximum room sizes for now for BSP scene.

I've developed BSP prototype much earlier by using various sources from the net (particularly, I now intend to build upon this in #PROCJAM by adding some game elements such as player, enemies, obstacles and so on..

I've used Unity's "Generating Content" tutorial series ( for CA scene and I also want to add some game contents to that scene.

UPDATE (08.11.19)

I've added a new scene which contains a new procedural map generation approach based on one of my favorite procedural game designs, "The Binding of Isaac". I've followed mostly the game's creator Edmund McMillen's blog post ( for the generation and level types. For now, the most of the generated rooms' locations and types (Black-Start, Grey-General, Yellow-Treasure, Red-Boss) depend on the UnityEngine.Random() method. I want to add more rules to generate a better structured level.

If I have time, I can implement WFC-based, Template-based, Machine-Learning based map generations. Maybe even try some new algorithms or heuristics (I don't know if it is applicable but like using Particle Swarm Optimization for generation).

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